Wood, acrylic, pencil, marker

68" x 20" x 15"


Available for purchase at ArtRageUs1


I had four brothers, one older and three younger, all close to my age. But my stereotype of a male teenager doesn’t come from them, rather it comes from those who were already teens when I was seven (mostly neighborhood kids and actors in musicals – Westside Story, The Music Man, Sound of Music.) This stereotype is Buddy Linman, a wrestler in high school (note his letter jacket, my high school’s colors.) I captured him about to pump gas for a customer, hence Hurry it up, kid. He’s wearing jeans and penny loafers (with a penny in the slot!) His chest interior is collaged with car images, his legs with baseball stuff, and in his head are images from the women’s underwear section in the Penney’s catalog (panties and brassieres!) How the world has changed!!!