Wood, acrylic, pencil, marker

48" x 18" x 8"


Collection of N. Georgene Vitense

I grew up with four brothers, all close to my age, so I know boys! However, this boy ended up reminding me most of Donald Wagner, who sat in front of me at Grantosa grade school in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He's wearing overalls and a t-shirt and a generic version of Converse tennis shoes. In his pocket he has a sling shot (most boys I knew liked to shoot at stuff), and on his head he has a whirly-gig hat (which no one I knew ever wore, but I thought they were cool.) Donald has his trusty dog, Buster, with him. Buster is a bank -- his tongue pulls out, allowing the coins to drop into his body. Don't worry, his dog head comes off to obtain the change!